Left with no other choice, cancer sufferers say they are being forced to break the law to treat their illness with cannabis.

This is their story .......................................

Jeff explained why he does what he does:

"The law is ridiculous in this instant. The only laws I break in the UK are cannabis laws, and the only reason I break them is because I’m being asked to by people who are dying and seriously ill. I have no choice in this matter.

What keeps me doing this is the parents we assisted whose children have gone into remission. We’ve got cases of teenagers who are now cancer free.

And that’s only because of the cannabinoids that we’ve provided. Because these kids, when their parents contacted us, they had exhausted all the conventional treatments available on the NHS. Bud Buddies were the last resort,

Callie Blackwell talking about her son Deryn, aka H from the documentary Project Storm.

 From Callie's book: The Boy in 7 Billion

‘Deryn, I need to ask you a question,’ Jeff began gently.

‘Why did you first start refusing to eat?’ Deryn didn’t hold back. ‘If I didn’t eat, I knew I would die and then finally the doctors wouldn’t be able to hurt me anymore.’

‘And how about now? Do you still want to die?’ Jeff continued. ‘Yes, sometimes,’ he replied hesitantly as a tear rolled down his cheek.

Jeff turned to me. ‘If you’ll let me mum, I’m confident I can help Deryn with his problems.’

Jeff asked Deryn to describe exactly how he was feeling, rating any pains on a scale of 1 to 10. Deryn’s ankles scored a 10 while his knees and back came a close second at 8. Jeff handed Deryn the large bag of THC vapour, the main active component of cannabis.

Deryn inhaled a lung full of vapour before breathing it out slowly and relaxing back into his chair. Jeff asked Deryn to stay aware of how he was feeling and describe anything that happened.

I was highly impressed by the way Jeff dealt with Deryn. It was a far better way to be introduced to the drug than the way most youngsters first experience cannabis.”

Bud Buddies: Project Storm

“In April 2013 this film set out to investigate the increasing number of claims that cannabis oil can treat cancer. This has been done through the lives of terminal cancer patients living in the UK. It includes contributions from world leading research labs, the pharmaceutical industry and an illegal medical organisation that produces and provides cannabis oil to cancer patients”

Interview with Professor Manuel Guzman

by Jeff Ditchfield

“Jeff interviews Professor Manuel Guzman at Madrid Complutense University regarding cannabinoids and their anti-cancer properties”

Author of "The Medical Cannabis Guidebook" Jeff Ditchfield

About why medicinal marijuana is still not legal in the United Kingdom. I was also fortunate enough to be able to interview Professor Micheal Barnes author of the All-parliamentary group for drug reforms report into the medical benefits of Marijuana.

The Beggars Belief

The opening morning at a cannabis cafe & private members club; watch from within and see what unfolded. The police arrived, not to smoke but to search for vast quantities of cannabis.

Jeff, the owner and helper to many medical users, keeps his cool while his shop is probed and prodded. Lots of fuzz, not much bud, except from wheel chair bound Pat-man (a true activist).

Herbies Seeds Interview with Jeff Ditchfield 

@ Spannabis 2015 in Barcelona.

Barney's Farm Interview with Jeff Ditchfield 

@ Spannabis 2016, Barcelona

With Jorge Cervantes & Dara from Devils Harvest.

2001  "A Spaced Odyssey"