"During UNILAD‘s visit to one of the several cannabis compassion clubs popping up around the country, Jeff gave details of numerous cases that had been brought to him, saying he ‘has no choice’ in the face of desperate parents trying to save their dying child."

The Guardian:

“One hugely influential figure in the development of medicinal cannabis in Britain is Jeff Ditchfield, who in 2002 founded the organisation Bud Buddies, which supplied cannabis to ill and disabled people free of charge. He operated from a cannabis coffee shop in Rhyl, north Wales that, despite being under constant surveillance and subjected to six police raids, became a pivotal part of the local community until 2007, when he was forced to relocate to Spain”

The Independent

"They didn't want me to focus so heavily on Jeff Ditchfield because of his past convictions, but Jeff is the pivotal person in the whole movement."

"Jeff Ditchfield is recognised as a hugely influential figure in the development of medicinal cannabis in Britain."

"Jeff found that his friends received huge medicinal benefits from the plant material and cannabis products he provided them with. He realised that there was a much greater need beyond his circle of friends and decided that it would be beneficial to set up an organisation which could provide more patients with alternative methods of care.

In 2002, he set up ‘Bud Buddies’ as a non-profit venture which acted out of what he deemed was a ‘medical necessity’."


"Prosecuting authorities are maintaining a tough stance over the use or supply of cannabis to relieve chronic pain.

He was arguing over the case of Jeffrey Ditchfield, of Wales, who was acquitted of possessing cannabis with intent to supply as he supplied people in pain.

The court will rule if "necessity" can be used as a defence in such cases."

Daily Post

“A NORTH Wales drugs campaigner who sent top ministers cannabis plants was yesterday spared jail, but landed with a pounds £7,000 legal bill.

But Jeff Ditchfield vowed not to pay even if it meant he ended up in prison”