Jeff Ditchfield, the Quest for Perfect Cannabis Oil ...

"The philosophy at Bud Buddies is to empower people to be self-sufficient, so all members are taught how to cultivate and the guidance provided on making preparations depends on the illness or disease of the individual.”

Interview with Jeff Ditchfield, founder of Bud Buddies

“The Bud Buddies UK Medicinal Cannabis Organization was founded in 2002 by Jeff Ditchfield and for 5 years they supplied cannabis and cannabis preparations to seriously ill and disabled people throughout the UK.” Today Bud Buddies assists cancer sufferers and the parents who are administering cannabinoid extracts to their terminally ill children”

 Human rights, public health and medicinal cannabis use

“Mr Ditchfield, was acquitted at his trial, as the jury accepted his defence of medical necessity for supplying cannabis to multiple sclerosis and cancer sufferers. Therefore, as well as the human rights arguments, Quayle and others were additionally appealing against the decision of their trial judge not to put the medical necessity defence before a jury. The judges dismissed all of the appeals and agreed with the Attorney General that the defence of medical necessity was not applicable to those who wished to supply cannabis to others”

 Cannabis oil treating Epilepsy, 173 years ago

“In 1840, Victorian Doctors were treating people with extracts of cannabis for many illnesses, including tinctures for treating children with epilepsy”

You think you know cannabis?

"Many people are aware of the terms, Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis, however, the vast majority of people are mis-informed regarding their correct definitions.

It turns out that there is just one species of cannabis, with different subspecies.  What people generally consider to be cannabis Indica actually originated in Afghanistan so it is actually cannabis Afghanica, cannabis Sativa? well that is actually Ruderalis and cannabis Indica is cannabis Sativa, confused?"

Could cannabis oil reverse the effects of cancer?

"There was a second reason, he adds. "They didn't want me to focus so heavily on Jeff Ditchfield because of his past convictions. But Jeff is the pivotal person in the whole movement."

Indeed, having founded the organisation Bud Buddies in 2002 – which supplied cannabis to ill and disabled people free of charge – and now a regular lecturer on the medical properties of cannabis to the Royal College of GPs, Ditchfield is recognised as a hugely influential figure in the development of medicinal cannabis in Britain.

For five years, Ditchfield operated from a cannabis coffee shop in Rhyl, north Wales that, despite being under constant surveillance and subjected to six police raids, became a key part of the local community"

Beggars Belief

"In the last part of the last millennium, one man from the North of the United Kingdom felt it necessary to take matters into his own hands. Fed up of seeing his friend suffering unnecessarily due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Jeff Ditchfield, offered to help them ease their pain by giving them access to cannabis which he had grown."

An interview with Jeff Ditchfield

"Be independent of dealers and expensive Dispensaries! Due to the irrational worldwide prohibition of cannabis it is very difficult to obtain cannabis even for the most serious of medical conditions. Only by growing your own plants and making your own medical preparations can you become self-sufficient and this I feel is the most important message I can give"

Project Storm - Interview with Jeff Ditchfield

"Project Storm is a documentary following the lives of six UK terminal cancer patients who have all been told there is nothing more that their doctors can do for them, however the brave individuals didn’t accept this devastating news and they started to research alternative therapies and their journey led them to Bud Buddies and “Project Storm”