Jeff's Medical Cannabis Guidebook  has been referred to as “the definitive guide to medical cannabis” you can read the reviews: Here

Since 2002, Bud Buddies have collected detailed feedback from their members on the efficacy of cannabis (bud) and cannabinoid preparations for a host of conditions and diseases. This feedback has helped Jeff to improve and develop new and effective solutions to complex medical issues. Jeff has been instrumental in the research and development of Bud Buddies standardised cannabinoid preparations.

Access to laboratory testing by Canna Funacion is essential to Bud Buddies research.

Member feedback has been crucial in the development of standardised cannabinoid preparations

BB cannabinoid preparations are laboratory tested which is essential to ensure that extractions produced are of the highest quality.

Currently Bud Buddies products are only available in legal jurisdictions.

Since 2010, Jeff's main area of research has been the anti-cancer properties of cannabinoids and terpenes, Jeff is an advocate of the entourage effect, especially in the treatment of cancer.

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