"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so"

Thomas Jefferson

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A legal defence in the UK to the possession, production and supply of cannabis oil?

Here is my experience (and views) on the ‘defence of necessity, please note: this is not legal advice, merely the views and interpretations of someone who has been through the process on more than one occasion and it is very likely I will have to do it all again.

Jeff is the current acting Chairperson of the UK National Cannabis Coalition. The NCC is an umbrella group for progressive UK activist organisations. The NCC supports the UK Cannabis Social Club campaign.

"To remove the criminal black market and divert funds away from organised crime by replacing it with a community based and/or regulated outlets with age restrictions imposed so that those most vulnerable are protected"

Be bold

Jeff Ditchfield told a jury yesterday he sent cannabis plants to all 18 Government cabinet Ministers. He also wrote a covering letter suggesting ministers, including Tony Blair, grow the plants and send them back so he could use the plant as pain relief for others. But, Ditchfield told Mold Crown Court he knew it would not happen. Instead it highlighted the anomaly where people in pain wanted to use cannabis for relief and to improve their quality of life. But doctors, many of whom wanted to prescribe cannabis, were unable to do so because of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

NORTH Wales police officers and civilian staff could be tested for drugs within the next few months. The random tests will be compulsory for some, such as firearms officers.

Chief constable Richard Brunstrom, who has called for some drugs to be made legal, failed to complete the test himself when pressed by a pro-cannabis campaigner.

He accepted a challenge from Jeff Ditchfield, who admits to supplying the drug for medicinal purposes from his premises in Water Street, Rhyl.

It came at the end of Mr Brunstrom's latest meet-the-public session in the town.

After once again calling for a shake-up of drug controls and legislation the chief constable was asked by Mr Ditchfield whether he intended to follow through the promise he made last year to introduce testing in the force.

Mr Brunstrom replied: "Staff associations were desperately concerned but we have taken the decision that we will be introducing a form of random testing.

A man hoping to open a cannabis cafe has vowed to sell a website using North Wales Police's name to the highest bidder.

Jeff  Ditchfield   registered  after  paying £12.99 to an internet hosting company.

He says the site, which he uses to detail criticisms of the police force, has in turn generated more than 200,000 visits to a site promoting his as-yet unopened cannabis cafe - a practice known as ``cybersquatting''. Many visitors will have visited the site looking for the official North Wales Police site - - and been directed to this site instead. Mr Ditchfield wants to open a Dutch-style cannabis cafe in Rhyl.

He says the website was available to the police free of charge, but they had not contacted him to arrange a transfer. Now he says the rights to the site will be sold to the highest bidder, claiming the high number of visitors mean it is an attractive to advertisers. Profit from the sale will be invested in community projects in Rhyl.